Pastor’s References During COVID-19 Crisis

Some free resources to assist during this critical time:
1. Magnificat – free liturgical resource with prayers, songs, and readings.
In addition to its online edition, MAGNIFICAT is now offering complimentary access to its iOS and Android Apps throughout May. To register for free access in English, visit For free access in Spanish, visit and register at

We are also happy to make available complimentary access to MagnifiKid. Visit to view and download each weekly booklet of our colorful Sunday missalette for children ages 6 through 12. While so many children are missing formal religious instruction and are unable to attend Mass, MagnifiKid! can be their special guide, accompanying them through each week as they prepare to attend Mass or watch it at home.
2. IBreviary – free Liturgy of the Hours resources for every hour.

We created the following temporary web page offering a printable prayer PDF for the current hour every day. Maybe the link will be helpful to you parish or diocese.!OpenDatabase
3. OneLicense – free use of music resources until April 15, 2020. You can reprint songs you will be using in your worship aids and online booklets.

OCP is for a limited time granting permission for live streaming our copyrighted materials until April 15, 2020 – for details see:

Also, One License has announced gratis license options for reproduction and projection, or Podcast/Streaming, both good until April 15, 2020. See their home page,, or announcement:

ONE LICENSE Offers Gratis Licenses To Help Cope With COVID-19 Challenges, Valid through April 15.